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Andy Hilland (Antti Vuorenmaa) is the founder and CEO of Hilland Records (established 2005). 
He´s also working as a full time musician (pedal steel, mandolin, guitar, vocals), songwriter and producer.
His first solo album will be released in spring 2019.

Previous releases:

Antti Vuorenmaa ”Päiväkirja” CD  (Hilland Records 2012)
Antti Vuorenmaa ”Pohjavirta” CD  (Hilland Records 2014)
Antti Vuorenmaa & Marko haavisto ”Kapteeni Kiddin haamu vinyl LP  (Hilland Records 2015)



Pauli Halme is a hot country guitarist from the cold north. Based in Helsinki, he spreads around the message of country music around Finland. Whether it’s his sleek solo fingerstyle playing, cool bluegrass or smokin’ hot Telecaster picking, he never fails to thrill his audience.


”This Time It’s Personal” – Hilland Records 2014 – Vinyl LP

”Sounds Like Bad Fiction” – Turenki Records 2013 – CD




Hilland Mondays CD kansi

Hilland Playboys

aaa M56

Mudville 56 is an old school rock´n´roll trio from helsinki Finland.
Their music is a mixture of 50´s early rock´n´roll, rhythm´n´blues and even rockabilly.

The band started as a duo 2012. Their debut album ”The Sound of Modern Rock´n´roll” was released in Januart 2018.


Andy Hilland: guitar, voc 
Topi Karvonen: double bass, voc
Janne Mathlin:drums, voc


Mudville 56: Skatin´on very thin ice/Dear old Jessie (2014) 7” vinyl single

Mudville 56: The sound of Modern Rock´n´roll´ (2018) 12” vinyl LP, digi


Janne Viksten